Our coworking space – tuesday coworking
Our offices for our writing workshops

As of June 2019 our travel writing workshops are taking part in West Berlin, at a coworking space in the district of Shöneberg. The modern, leafy office and close-knit, international community provide us with that little bit of extra inspiration. The others working around us have a wide range of their own creative projects, with […]

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Bei Schlawinchen
Berliner bar Bei Schlawinchen

Antiques; oddballs; sherbet vodka Berlin has mightily strong dive-bar scene, and the district of Kreuzberg boasts over thirty (that we know of) by itself. Rumour has it that the bar in question, Bei Schlawinchen, has never closed in thirty years! I dread to think about the place’s hygiene… The bar’s muggy, smoky interior is adorned […]

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Lake Plötzensee
Plötzensee lake Berlin

After twenty minutes walk from the gritty heart of Berlin’s district of Wedding, I found lake Plötzensee. This ostensibly tranquil, overgrown pond takes about thirty minutes to circumnavigate by foot. Sitting down on a bench about halfway round I was ready to label it idyllic; the most exciting moment was a pair of stony eyed […]

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What’s in our finished travel guides?

Our travel writing courses culminate in a beautifully finished product – a travel guide to a city (this summer our project is in Berlin). Each student is required to write 10 reviews of sites in the city, each of around 300 words. These reviews can cover anything from historical / cultural landmarks, restaurant reviews, or […]

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Holzmarkt Berlin on the river Spree

There’s a lot of ultra-cool hangouts to be found along Berlin’s river Spree and, on a peachy day like this, Holzmarkt might just be the number one choice. It’s home to live music, riverside cafes, pop-up food stands, a wine bar and charming hidden spots to spend the day in privacy. It pulls you in […]

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Creative Writing internships in Europe
Travel writing workshops at our coworking space

Why head to Europe for a creative writing summer internship? For those budding creative writers, journalists and travel diarists, an adventure to Europe for a summer internship could be the perfect way to broaden your outlook, absorb cosmopolitan culture and hone your literary skills. Europe offers such a blend of diversity and is historically fascinating […]

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Internships abroad?
A Travel writer works on their laptop on a plane

Why should I take an internship abroad? Internships are a great stepping stone in between school / university and the workplace. It is a chance to gain some practical work experience in a field that is of real interest to you. Gap year breaks, university summers and just after graduation are often times that people […]

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Urban Art Hall – Spandau
Art in the urban art hall spandau berlin

For many, Berlin’s westernmost locality of Spandau brings to mind the infamous prison, which was torn down in 1987 to prevent Neo-Nazi homages to ‘The Spandau Seven’, especially the notorious former deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess. Presently, it is home to the Urban Art Hall. Berlin is rife with graffiti – both legal and illegal spots. […]

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Did Berlin just skip winter?
Morning view from Berlin Watergate

Last winter (2017 / 2018) I was feeling downtrodden from the grey and the bleak, frosty cold. I felt a lack of warmth from the people in the streets, cafes and bars, too. This sub zero dystopia was a sharp come down after a magical summer, and had me questioning if I had another Berlin […]

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Mauerpark Sundays
Sunday Ksroake at Mauer park

Mauerpark is a crazy place in the summer, especially on Sundays. Every week there is a festival atmosphere , featuring a flea market and food stalls; live music and dancing; barbecues and cheap beers. In the afternoon there’s the ‘bear pit karaoke’ at which hundreds of people sit in a Roman-style amphitheater to watch aspiring […]

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