Holzmarkt Berlin on the river Spree

Holzmarkt: a treetop review

There’s a lot of ultra-cool hangouts to be found along Berlin’s river Spree and, on a peachy day like this, Holzmarkt might just be the number one choice. It’s home to live music, riverside cafes, pop-up food stands, a wine bar and charming hidden spots to spend the day in privacy. It pulls you in like a magnet and you’ll be hard pressed to shrug off the positivity in the air.

Holzmarkt Berlin on a peachy Easter day

It’s advisable to get down there early on a weekend or public holiday, as the place seemingly goes from open to packed within about thirty minutes, and a prime seat will make all the difference. It also serves up a fantastic alternative Christmas market in winter – traditional mulled wine and hot cider accompany psychedelic music and bonfires to create a truly special atmosphere.

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Holzmarktstra├če 25, 10243 Berlin

S Bahn Janowitzbrucke

Nearby: Yaam, Kater Blau

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