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street art workshops

One thing that many people associate with Berlin is the huge street art and graffiti movement. Due to the crazy amount of abandoned buildings and spaces, and the city’s continued approach to promoting creativity, it has become a mecca of this artistic style.

We are delighted to have added weekly graffiti workshops to our programme! Under the tutelage of a celebrated Italian artist, our students will learn the basics of stencilling and tagging, as well as spray paint techniques. They’ll also leave with a final piece of stunning work once the course is completed.

The workshop’s theme is ‘Street Art Malanders’ – recycling in context.

The workshop leaders show our students how everyday objects from the street can be used to conceptualise and produce art. It takes us back to the origins of what it meant to be a street artist during the movement in the early 90s.

graffiti workshops in a formerly

abandoned building

The classes will take place in a derelict building which the artists were given permission to paint in for a few months before its upcoming renovation. The landlord was so blown away by their work that he decided let them stay and work there for the last two years.

Now the venue, whilst still serving as a concrete canvas for their work, has also become a home for exhibitions and live music. Our graffiti sessions will take place here.

The workshop leader’s speciality is mural-style graffiti, but we’ll balance out the classes with one of her colleagues, who specialises in classic character based graffiti and tagging. This will give the students a perfect blend of two different ends of this artistic spectrum.

the rest of our project consists of travel writing courses,

language classes and city tours.


‘I recently participated in a graffiti workshop and loved it! The graffiti artists were generous with their knowledge and helpful in guiding us in useful techniques. I easily lost four hours and left the workshop feeling like I’ve obtained a new set of skills. It was a lot of fun!’

October 2019 workshop participant Regina Birchwell

Even though i didn’t expect it, I really liked the graffiti workshop! As a person who is terrible at drawing and very clumsy, as soon as I heard that we had to do our own graffiti painting, I felt anxious. However, the artists were willing to guide and help me to execute what i had in my mind. Both of them literally taught me in 4 hours how to bring to life my idea. The final painting exceeded my expectations!

January 2020 project member Carolina Tkacheva

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