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Our German classes

language courses

Our travel writers will be enrolled in language courses when on our projects. We believe that learning the local language is a great way for our students to enhance their experience in the city. The regular interactive classes are scheduled to fit around our travel writing classes to help the project members get up to speed as quickly as possible.

As of September 2019, we’ve partnered with local Berlin company feinsprecher, and will run our language courses with them.

We are really excited by this collaboration, as they combine their language classes with cooking lessons, which makes for a truly interactive experience.

Our students will learn about the food specific to the language they are studying which will be, for almost everyone, German.

language and cooking classes

On top of the language development and cooking classes, our students will also be testing and honing their new skills at local food markets, as they head out with their instructors to find and purchase ingredients. This is a great way to jump head first into using the language, as well as being a unique way to explore the markets and see what the Berliners have to offer.

No matter what level of German you have, we’ll place you in appropriate class. Should you feel that your German needs no improving, we can enroll you in one of Feinsprecher’s Turkish language courses (also with cooking and market visits). Roughly 10% of the population in Berlin is Turkish, so this will also come in really handy!

When you sign up to one of our projects, we will always check if you have any special dietary requirements, and will relay any information to the language class teachers to make sure your needs are accommodated.

Feinsprecher are located at our coworking space, so our travel writers can work on their guide to Berlin and participate in their German language courses in the same place.