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Internships abroad?

Why should I take an internship abroad?

Internships are a great stepping stone in between school / university and the workplace. It is a chance to gain some practical work experience in a field that is of real interest to you. Gap year breaks, university summers and just after graduation are often times that people choose to travel and broaden their outlook, as well as forging unforgettable memories. An internship abroad allows you to combine exploring foreign lands with learning some invaluable skills.

Why should I take an internship with Treetop Travel Journalism?

Treetop Travel Journalism offers travel writing internships abroad. Our 1-2 month journalism programmes consist of creative writing workshops, language classes and tours of the destination city. Our students leave with a comprehensive writing portfolio, the ability to converse in a new language, and insider tours of a city that give them unique insight. We also have a professional photographer and layout design expert to make sure the final piece of travel journalism truly shines.

The summer we launch our internship programme in Berlin.