Gap year placements in Berlin

Why take a Gap Year work break?

A traditional gap year is an opportunity to take some time out in between school and university. Many people spend time at home relaxing, get a local job or go travelling. A far more productive way to spend this time is to join a work / study placement, gaining some valuable real life work experience, which can enable you to see your future career path more clearly, and shows impetus to future employers. This does not need to take up your whole year – our creative writing projects last between 1 and 2 months. After you’ve spent time working with us, your travel journalism portfolio will help you stand out in a crowded job market.

Why choose our Travel Writing Workshops?

Our creative writing courses provide our students with the opportunity to partake in some first hand, collaborative, work experience. We believe that travelling on your gap year is also truly worthwhile, which is why we have based our placements abroad. On top of our journalistic writing classes, we offer our students the chance to learn a new language, and we provide tours of the city. Our students leave armed with new skills, a writing portfolio and in depth knowledge of a new part of the world. This exploration and experience will be unforgettably fun and immeasurably valuable for gap year students.

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In summer 2020, our project is based in Berlin.