Our offices for our writing workshops

Our coworking space – tuesday coworking

As of June 2019 our travel writing workshops are taking part in West Berlin, at a coworking space in the district of Schöneberg. The modern, leafy office and close-knit, international community provide us with that little bit of extra inspiration. The others working around us have a wide range of their own creative projects, with most of them being in the in the start-up or small business stage.

There’s also the bonus of a second, smaller office located nearby which is available for us 24/7, should our travel writing students need some extra time to work on the project.

From September, we plan to have our language development classes at the coworking space, with local company Feinsprecher taking our German classes. Our students will also learn about and cook German food, so the classes are totally interactive!

tuesday coworking 69-71 Belziger Straße 10823 Berlin