Ruyam Kebab in Berlin

Rüyam Gemüse Kebab

There are an inordinate amount of kebab shops in Berlin. The population is roughly 10% Turkish so there lies the explanation. Luckily Döner sandwiches in this city are a delight, a far cry from the slimy, fatty offerings in London, Paris and elsewhere. In the lovely neighbourhood district of Schöneberg can be found Rüyam. It is a proper locals venue, and I have seldom come across a happier and more welcoming crew than the team who serve up these unfaltering bites of heaven. The chicken and vegetable kebab is super fresh and the small details bring it to life – goats cheese, sweet potato and a whack of lemon juice to name but a few.

The kebabs are under four euros and will never leave you hungry. Expect old school hip-hop on the speakers and a kick back and relax vibe that flows naturally. There is a limitless supply of free tea, and the team break into a little dance if you leave them a tip! Can get somewhat busy at peak times but the wait should be no longer than 15 minutes. If all the seats are taken you can eat at the späti next door, where you can also buy super cheap beer as an accompaniment. It is open till midnight and they recently launched a second location in Prenzlauerberg.

Additional info

Haupstrasse 133, 10827 Berlin, Germany

S Bahn Schöneberg

Nearby: Zu Spät; Havana Club

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