Summer gap year programme in Berlin

Weißer See

The ‘Weißer See’ is a quite remarkable inner city, clear water lake, situated in the Berlin district of Pankow (although easily reachable from Friedrichshain). A circle of woodlands encases the eye catching water, a path attracting joggers, dog walkers and anyone keen on an outdoor spot. Once the weather is hot enough, they open up the man-made beach area, selling beers and typical Berliner food. One stand out item on the menu is the Flammkuchen – a super crispy flat bread pizza. The vibe is totally befitting a summer day, no worries just good times. On Sundays locals visit for salsa dancing on the deck, an amazingly heartwarming sight as the sun comes down – perfect after a heavy Berlin weekend, or to get you back in the mood for the famous end of weekend parties. This is not a spot that sees many tourists so don’t expect the staff to speak English. Just bring swimming gear and enjoy the cool water. The fountain in the middle of the lake is emblematic and worth swimming out to and sitting on to heat up.

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Tram M13

Nearby: Not much in the area, the sort of place you head to for the whole day

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