Schokoladen bar Berlin

Schokoladen bar

Mitte is so central that it would be difficult to imagine that a place like Schokoladen is located there. It is an underground venue that has a large diversity of events such as live performances consisting of various music genres, karaoke and queer nights. It opens every day at 7 pm and it gets crowded very quickly. At the door, there is a sweet lady that will greet you and will be willing to help you find a place to enjoy the band even if it’s overcrowded. The decoration is amazing and, regardless of the fact that it’s a brilliant live venue, it’s also an incredible bar in its own right. There is an entrance fee and the price fluctuates depending on the band or the time of attendance. The music of the night was with Jazz am Helmholtzplatz. Jazz as a genre is quite voyeuristic and the band brought up a variety of feelings during the night. At one point it was calm, then the solo part of every musician came and the tone became fast paced and intense.

It is quite admirable how the band blends together but at the same time each individual is so unique. It certainly leaves a feeling of tranquility at the end of a busy day. After the show, it is worth it to stay in the bar for drinks, enjoy the music that the DJs are playing and play table football with your friends. Schokoladen is place that is worth visiting more than once – there are so many interesting events that it’s hard to pick the best one!

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This is an article by January 2020 project member Carolina Tkacheva,

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