coronavirus fundraiser

Artists in solidarity

We would like to raise awareness of a new coronavirus fundraising campaign launched by one of our partners, street artist Ale Senso. Ale lives in Berlin, but is originally from Bergamo, once the epicentre of the Covid-19 crisis, and still one of the worst hit areas.

To help provide crucial funding for the overstretched hospitals and medical staff, Ale put together a network of artists who offer their artwork to people in exchange for direct donations to help with the emergency.

Since the outbreak has spread in a similarly devastating fashion across other countries and continents, the artists network is looking to expand, so that we see donations heading to Spain and other badly affected areas. The idea is also to try to attract donations for places with food and supply shortages.

If there’s an artist out there who would like to put their artwork up for donation feel free to contact Ale –, or Will –

Check out all the available artwork

The donations are made directly to the charities / hospitals. You can find the bank details on the website. Once you’ve made your donation, email to confirm your name and where you’d like the artwork delivered.

We hope you find a piece of artwork you love and make a donation to this brilliant cause!