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Our end goal is a simple one – to help as many as we can realise their creative talents. Too often a conversation about work starts with a sigh, as the mundane office routine leaves its easily detectable malady etched on our faces; it is something many of us cannot stand to talk about. Treetop hopes to provide a platform to get the right people into the the type of work they truly relish.

We believe there is a deep pool of unharnessed potential out there and what's required is a little guidance and inspiration. If it's a passion you're following, the hard work and rewards will come naturally.

We specialise in expressive writing, and our students will finish their programme armed with a comprehensive portfolio. There will also be tips and insights about travel blogging and photography, as well as the opportunity to mingle with an eclectic bunch of international creatives.

While on our programme, our students will further improve themselves with language classes. This summer (2019) in Berlin they will have interactive German lessons to help them immerse themselves in the city and its culture.

Treetop has partnered with some great characters to conduct our tours of the city, so our summer intake can expect not only the essential sights, but also some weird and wonderful alternative insights that will add real colour to their understanding of the historical and modern culture.

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