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Treetop Travel Journalism offers writing workshops abroad. Our projects are suitable for gap year students, enrolled students, graduates and those looking to further, or change their career path.

We collaborate with our students to create a travel guide to the city, made up of reviews of culturally and historically important places, as well as the city's buzzing hotspots.

Our students are also tasked with writing some feature length articles, heading off to conduct interviews, meet locals, and get to the heart of pressing current affairs.

Feedback and advice is provided in our writing workshops.

Our tours of the city have been researched and selected to provide entertaining and insightful alternative viewpoints to our destination cities.

Interactive language classes make up the rest of our programme - these enable our students to immerse themselves in the culture and converse confidently with the local people.

We are open in Berlin this summer.

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William Barber
William Barber


William is the founder of Treetop Travel Journalism, a project which involves creative writing workshops, exploring cities, and collaborating with new people to make travel guides. William has a background in copywriting, marketing and tourism.

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