what to do after graduation in english

What to do with an English degree

Ever wondered what to do with an English degree?

We have 5 tips to point you in the right direction:

1. Journalism

There are many different forms of journalism you could explore as a career with an English degree. Whether it’s mass communication of important news stories, niche columns in a burgeoning magazine or interviews for youtube, a degree in English will set you in good stead.

2. Magazine editorial

With an English degree, you’ll be well placed to take on editorial roles. You could manage a team of journalists, tightening up their written work and making sure your magazine is hitting the right notes for your target audiences. You’d be involved in diverse work – collaborating with designers, illustrators, reporters, writers and publishers.

3. Content Writing

Almost every company needs someone to write their content, wether that be for their website, print advertising or online newsletters. You could explore this career with an English degree, working on a variety of projects as a freelancer or as a dedicated part of larger company’s marketing team.

4. Digital / Socal Marketing

A degree in English could come in handy in this sector, where understanding the use of persuasive language to grab the attention of online browsers is a must. As you develop in these roles, the passion for testing linguistic combinations, and their tangible results, will become ever more important.

5. Transcreator

The rise of advanced translation tools like Deep L has brought about demand for ‘transcreators’. This role is to receive text in an alien language, run it through translation software and rewrite it in your native language. This is a great way for a company / publisher to adapt copy from one language and have it readable, useable and entertaining in another.

The problem many graduates with an English degree face is that it’s not easy to land a role in their dream job without some kind of prior experience. This is especially true of journalistic, content and editorial roles where you’ll almost always be asked for some kind of writing sample or portfolio.

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