Travel writing courses: The July Project

Our July travel writing courses

July was the first of our summer travel writing courses

In July we ran the first of series of summer travel writing courses! As a small team of three we set about making a magazine style guide to Berlin. We decided to write about five of the city’s boroughs so we would give ourselves good reason to explore some of the lesser known areas.

What did the travel writing course consist of?

The writing course consisted of three writing workshops per week. The first part of these classes was all about planning the guide – What will the theme be? Who is our target audience? Who will review which sites?

Once this was decided, and the few first draft reviews were written, the classes became more focused on the writing itself. What makes good travel writing? Which style do we want to write in so that the guide is consistent? How long should the reviews be?

As the reviews started to come in, we met with our graphic designer to start bringing the guide to life. The students had the final say on the layout of the magazine and completed the work themselves, but our designer was there to show them the software and give insight and guidance.

By the end the writing students chose two from the group to take on an editorial role, to go through the guide and spot anything that needs changing.

Upon completion of these tasks, the guide was then published – so those on our journalism course had a beautiful piece of writing for their portfolios.

Where did our travel writing courses take us?

We picked the Berlin boroughs of Wedding, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain / Kreuzberg, Lichtenberg and Neukölln.

Our trip to Wedding saw us go to lake Plötzensee
Wedding's lake plotzensee near to the infamous prison
We visited Wedding’s lake Plötzensee
We visited the famous Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg
Our travel writing courses took us to Mauerpark
Bear pit karaoke at Mauerpark
Books and bagels were the order of the day in Friedrichshain
Our travel writing courses took us to Books and Bagels
Shakespeare and sons, Australian bagels and books galore
A strange adventure in ‘little Vietnam’ in Lichtenberg
our travel writing courses took us to Don Xuan Centre
Don Xuan Centre, part of East Berlin’s ‘little Vietnam’
African beats in a trendy bar in Neukölln
Our travel journalism project took us to Mama bar
A classic Berlin style bar with afro beats music

Additional info about the projects

The students on our courses also took German lessons and came on our customised tours of Berlin.

As of September we will also be offering graffiti workshops as part of our course!

Our courses take place in West Berlin at tuesday coworking.

If you are interested in joining one of our upcoming travel writing courses, please contact us here.