Dating in Berlin book cover by Lulu Johnson

Dating in Berlin, Tales of Modern Love & Relationships

Dating in Berlin, Tales of Modern Love & Relationships

a book by Lulu Johnson

Berlin is a bustling city steeped in culture, clubs and single people. The dating scene is like no other. A transient, sexed-up city, where settling down isn’t on the top of everyone’s list, which makes finding something long-term quite challenging. Lots of people seem to only be here for a good time, not a long time. I moved to this poor but sexy metropolis from Ireland back in 2015. My cousins grew up here and I’d visited them a lot so I sort of had an idea of what I was getting myself into. But moving to a new city tests anyone’s character. Whether you know ten people, or no one at all, your bravery, social skills and confidence are put to the test. As well as seeking new adventures, I also wanted to find a relationship. I had an image conjured up of how my future might look here; a man, some kids and a mortgage. I always had boyfriends in Ireland, how difficult could it be to find another relationship in a city of four million people? Well after many years of frustration and heartache trying for a healthy relationship, my book Dating in Berlin, Tales of Modern Love and Relationship came to be. I learned very quickly that love is not the fairytale I’d been brought up to believe. You name it, when it comes to dates and relationships, I’ve experienced almost everything under the sun. From a toxic relationship, falling in love at first sight on the dancefloor, getting heartbroken by a commitment-phobe, to the unimaginable but very real time I discovered on a first date that I was in the company of an axe murderer. I wrote this book to help those who are struggling to date in a society where we have become disposable to one another, where men are emotionally stunted but most of all, to educate others on the toxicity that exists on the global dating circuit.

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