Graffiti workshops in Berlin at apartment A in Mariendorf

Graffiti workshops in Berlin

Treetop Travel Journalism runs travel writing courses, language development classes and customised city tours, and we are proud to announce that we now run graffiti workshops in Berlin as well! This post will tell you everything you need to know about our newly established collaboration with sensational Italian artists Ale Senso and Stefano Paggani.

Who runs our graffiti workshops in Berlin?

Our graffiti workshops are run by Italian street artist Ale Senso. Her speciality is mural style artwork and she has been back and forth from Italy to Berlin working on a whole host of projects. Ale has been living in the Neükolln district of Berlin for 8 years and has been commissioned to paint on walls, buildings and any number of custom objects.

Graffiti workshops in Berlin
Ale Senso with one of her murals

The workshops will be co-hosted by Stefano Paggani, of Ouchgraphix Urban Art. Stefano’s focus is on character based graffiti – he has merged his passion for comic book art with his unique graffiti style to publish several books and magazines.

We believe that having two different styles of artwork will be beneficial to all the students on our graffiti course. While they are both on two different ends of the street art spectrum, Ale and Stefano share a similar artistic vision. The other thing they have in common is that they’re effortlessly easy to get along with!

Where do our street art workshops take place?

The street art workshops take place in ‘Apartment A’, a once abandoned flat in the south west area of Mariendorf in Berlin. Ale and her friends have been using this as a workspace for the past three years. The apartment is full of stunning examples of Ale’s mural style graffiti:

Graffiti workshops in Berlin - the astronaut
The Astronaut – the second piece of artwork Ale created in Apartment A
Apartment A and a mural
The apartment A space, and on the right ‘Theodore the poet’
Graffiti mural in Berlin - Liebespaar
Liebespaar – lovers
Street art courses in Berlin
Der Taschenträger – the bag man

The space can house ten art students at a time in the main room, and it is here that those on our course will get to work creating their own unique piece of graffiti artwork. Ale and / or Stefano will be on hand to guide everyone through the process, as well as telling us their own history with street art and stories about the movement in Berlin and parts of Italy.

Apartment A also hosts events such as exhibitions and book launches and is generally an open space for creativity and artistic expression.

How often do the workshops take place?

Our projects typically last for four weeks, although in December we run a shorter 3 week version. The street art classes take place 1 time each week for 3 hours in an afternoon, so our students will spend a lot of time honing their skills with our experts.

There are quite a lot of places offering graffiti workshops in Berlin, but these tend to be a one off session for a couple of hours with the stencil work already pre made. We believe that spending more time in a private setting with our dedicated experts will allow our students to properly learn the artistic techniques.

Graffiti classes in Berlin with Ale senso
Artificially meagre resources

What else do we offer as part of our course?

Treetop travel journalism also runs travel writing workshops, in which we write a magazine style guide to Berlin. Those on our courses also take part in interactive German classes and come on our customised tours of the city.

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