Transformusic are a Berlin based duo who perform spiritually healing music

Transformusic project

The collaboration between ChrisTala (Germany) and Ayam (Israel) has evolved into a mission to work with the power of ‘MaMa Musica’ as a tool to awaken and expand human consciousness.

For 4 years now they have written, composed and co-produced a groovy blend of ethnicities and flavours, held space for sacred ceremonies, produced events, and performed worldwide. In 2022 they were featured as a support act by the singer Nessi Gomes, and played a warm-up concert at ”Sängerhalle Stuttgart”.

Her Israeli upbringing and his roots in Germany are blending their diverse ethnic and emotional identities into a cosmopolitan co-creation, evoking our ancient and modern sensibilities. The confronting flavour and language of their music allow for a deeper exploration of the human condition. Their melodic compositions are melting Ayam’s quirky, emotive voice and ChrisTala’s grooves. They merge ancient instruments like shamanic drums, Multichord and LIVE BeatBox with Rock and Soul elements, engaging their listeners on a primal and spiritual level. With their fresh atmospheric blend of influences, hypnotic ethnic sounds, dreamy non-standard harmonies, and vulnerable vocals they enchant a growing audience around the world.

With their 2021 debut album In “Shards of Light” Ayam and ChrisTala draw a brutally honest portrait of an inner world, as mysterious as mundane, where shadows, hope, clarity and insanity dance magically together.

”Our common vision is to create a movement of change that aims to connect and open human hearts and minds while holding space for transformative processes. We are in a time that carries the potential of awakening into self-love, caring for one another, and caring for the universe we live in, and we wish to create awareness of these topics through our music.”

They host events, and workshops, guide ceremonial spaces and perform with Sound healing, music, voice and performance art.

TTJ magazine caught up with them for a little Q and A:

there seems to be a lot of emotional depth and spirituality in your music. does the name Transformusic reflect a mission to, in some sense, ‘heal’ / transform listeners, or yourselves or the universe through music?

TransForMusic Project was born out of a mutual realisation and vision that music holds the power to break down boundaries between cultural and historical borders.

The collaboration between us – ChrisTala (Germany) and Ayam (Israel) has evolved into a mission to use music as a tool to awaken and expand human consciousness.

Ayam’s Israeli upbringing and his roots in Germany are blending their diverse ethnic and emotional identities into a cosmopolitan co-creation, evoking our ancient and modern sensibilities. 

The name ‘’TransForMusic’’ was born out of our mutual vision to bring transformation through these elements, to bring hope, peace and unity to the world.

when I came across you, you were singing with a house band at the support local music night. do you have a regular band who plays with you at venues?

We have a regular Guitar player and a drummer who accompany us in bigger events and concerts, but we also play in a duo setting.

Our Guitar player’s name is Ali Kalantari and he comes from Iran and plays also a traditional Iranian Instrument ‘Setar’, our drummer has just left but his name is Rapha Dujaric, and we have a new lovely keyboard player: Jonas Ziehfreund. we especially love to combine ancient and traditional instruments with modern instruments, for example in our album we combined sounds of ‘Multichord’, ‘Monochord, Shamanic drums and electric guitar, saxophone, and keyboard.

Transformusic are a spiritual healing band in Berlin

you also host some workshops, events, and jam sessions, such as the one at templehofer feld. could you tell us a bit more about these and any other ventures? could you maybe describe ‘ecstatic singing’ for us?

Besides being performance artists and musicians, we are also ‘space holders’ – a term that means spiritual guides that are holding a safe space where people can open up, explore and experience a deeper journey to themselves: explore their inner minds, open their hearts, and expand their consciousness.

In our events such as ‘Ecstatic Singing Concert’ we offer a deep journey through sound, voice, dance and music where people can Re-Connect to themselves and others and Re-Discover parts of them that might have ‘slept’ till then.

This experience is highly transformative and can bring up hidden emotions and feelings, and help to release stress, worries, and old conditioning patterns.

We offer single events and also weekend workshops and retreats on and offline.

do you both have similar musical backgrounds? there seems to be quite a convergence of genres and i wonder how you make that work? 

I and ChrisTala have very different artistic backgrounds.

Ayam comes from the field of performing arts and worked for 25 years as a professional dancer acrobat and actor. I was mainly working with contemporary dance, improvisation and instant composition, and used my voice in an experimental way, and later on, started with Jazz singing and learned guitar but all self-taught.

My voice has mainly opened up through shamanic singing a drumming journeys I experimented with, and this is mainly what I’m teaching people in my one to one ‘’Embodied Voice’’ lessons and in my Embodied Voice journeys – to open up your soul’s voice and finding freedom in your body and voice.(

Chris Tala’s background started when he was 15 years old – learning Guitar, Piano, and Choire singing, and he is also self-taught bass, drum-set, percussion, flute and beat-box and overtone singer. He specialises in Sound Healing, and has developed and built his own sound healing instruments such as shamanic drums, Monochord and ‘Multichord’ and even a huge Sound swing! check it out:

When we came together we brought all of our creativity together and everything blended into this unique soup. We mainly improvise a lot together (our speciality), and songs, lyric and melodies are quickly born.

Transformusic a Berlin based band

is there a favourite place you’ve played in berlin, and one you’d most like to play in?

The only ‘’Well known’’ place we played at was Prachtwerk where you saw us, but we haven’t yet played anywhere famous in Berlin…we have played at ‘Stuttgart Sängerhalle’ and would love to play in similar places here or cooler such as:

Gretchen, genezareth kirche berlin, Passionskirche, Klunkerkranich, Badehaus, Lido, Fete La Musique festival, Astra Kulturhaus, Cassiopeia

Not in this order and any other similar places like these on the list we would absolutely LOVE to play at!

do you have any announcements or upcoming releases?

We are hosting and producing monthly events and the coming up ones are:

Solstice Gathering : Ecstatic Singing Double Concert & Ecstatic Dance Wave //     TransForMusic+DJ ShantiPanthi+OmAris

Event link:

We have a small gig at ‘’Cafe Nullpunkt’’ on the 29.6.23, and we will have a big gig at ‘’New Healing Festival’’ – On the 19.8.

In between we are offering ‘’FREE Ecstatic Dance Live’’ – Live band playing a continues atmospherical and rhythmical world music and guiding a dance journey

Here you can get updated about all our events:

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