Sisyphos club Berlin

Sisyphos – a Treetop review

Once the queue for this giant club has been conquered and the gates of Sisyphos have swallowed you; your body is hit by electrifying waves of energy that bounce off the walls. Each person functions as an atom, forming one great magnetic field of movement. Many will not leave for days. The magical garden lures you in with mattresses, ponds, fire pits and old cars. This space is where those who have joined will sit and sometimes even sleep, only to spring back into the party a few hours later. With toothbrushes available for purchase, there is nothing to stop you from being freaky fresh, although that is probably the last thing on your mind.

Entering the dance floor is like climbing into a dark dungeon, filled with spine tickling techno. Sweaty shirts spin through the air of the warehouse. The DJ has complete control over the room and even he is drenched in sweat. Hours pass by before you realise that a breath of fresh air may be necessary. Be warned, the toilets are trashed, often overflowing and riddled with all sorts of potions. Funkier melodies are played next door, where dancing does not equate to a high intensity workout. Although, do not fret, food stalls  serving fresh goodies are on guard and ready to refuel you at any point.

The energy is similar to a playground, filled with kids on their recess break. As the sun breaks through the sky, many float to the outside dance floor. Sisyphos encapsulates all the freedom and openness of a festival, leaving room for each person to create their own adventure. 

Words by Shanti Carey

Additional info

Location: Hauptstraße 15, 10317 Berlin

Transport: Tram M21 or walk from S-Bahn Ostkreuz

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