Morning view from Berlin Watergate

Did Berlin just skip winter?

Last winter (2017 / 2018) I was feeling downtrodden from the grey and the bleak, frosty cold. I felt a lack of warmth from the people in the streets, cafes and bars, too. This sub zero dystopia was a sharp come down after a magical summer, and had me questioning if I had another Berlin winter in me.

Fast forward to the end of February 2019 and it seems like winter has barely threatened to show itself, barring the occasional teeth chattering tease in January. Lately it’s been sunny in the day and mild by night. A year ago I couldn’t make it five minutes down the street without my beer freezing in my bottle, subjected to a solid -13C for about a month..

I wonder if this city suffers from a kind of seasonal affective disorder, such are the contrasts in its places and people in the opposing seasons. Seems like no one really lost their mojo this year, as we race towards spring and then more Berlin summer vibes.

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