Gap year students

Gap Year Programmes

Gap years should be productive, yes. But they also deserve to be amazing, once in a lifetime experiences. You have a year to fill with whatever you choose – travelling being the most common option. This school – university gap is an often under-utilised opportunity to improve your core skill set and do something that will help you in your endeavours in later life, whether that be creative designs of your own, or to show employers that you were motivated to get ahead.

A well structured gap break, where you have gained new abilities and viewpoints looks great on job applications, or when enrolling at university. Gap year internships with first hand work experience are ideal.

We offer journalistic travel writing workshops in which our students collaborate in creating an online travel guide to the city. While not exclusively aimed at gap year students, our courses are hugely beneficial in gaining an edge on your peers. We also offer language classes – this summer they’ll be German lessons as we’ll be operating in Berlin. The projects are largely autonomous and our interns are advised to give it their all, create something inspiring and have an unforgettable time while doing it.

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