Tucker brunch bar in Friedrichshain

Tucker Brunch Bar – Drag Edition

Despite its fitting name, ‘Tucker Brunch Bar’ in Friedrichshain is actually not a permanent drag venue. On 7th December, however, the vibrant café invited its customers to ‘Get Tucked’ while enjoying performances from some tucking masters, as they hosted their second Drag Brunch, as a festive end-of-year celebration.

The chilled vibe of ‘Tucker’, on most days, is welcoming to those with laptops, babies or dogs. Berliners who want to grab a quick coffee, to check an email, or sit over a cup for hours in deep discussion will often be found here. The emphasis is really on the tucker, Aussie slang for food. Inspired by their Australian roots, they offer a selection of fun, fresh and delicious dishes to be enjoyed as a late breakfast or early lunch.

Their Drag Brunch Christmas Edition was not a typical day. Although usually laid back, booking was highly advisable, with availability between 12:30 pm and 4:30 pm. Upon arrival, it was easy to see why. The small venue was bursting with people, groups of friends in their 20’s, chatting and laughing loudly. Entry cost €7 including a mimosa or coffee, which is reasonable considering it’s normally €5 for the bubbly beverage anyway. Brunch was ordered as usual and enjoyed with a mind-blowing Espresso Martini, decorated expertly with coffee beans in the shape of a penis.

Entertainment was provided from Gonnorhianna, Jizmikhunt and HP Loveshaft who can lovingly be described as hot messes. Drunker than the customers, the queens and king performed Christmas carols in front of the counter, like kids who had just received a karaoke machine for Christmas. Dressed in a red glittery, gown Gonnorhianna showcased her vocal range and endearing humour while Jizmikhunt, the pregnant nun, danced seductively on a chair. Engaging with the audience, even smoking with them during breaks and stealing their drinks, the performers ensured no one escaped the wrath of their shady comments.

The day was a celebration of challenges to social constraints the Millenials are concerned with, like why can’t men wear dresses, hair and makeup? Or- why can’t we get drunk at noon over a plate of perfectly cooked eggs in the morning? There’s nothing quite like getting into the Christmas spirit with a few hoe, hoe, hoes.

‘Tucker’ doesn’t have a set schedule for drag brunches, however, they post frequently on their Instagram so it is easy to keep up to date with their events.

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By January project member Lauren Dempsey @lauwwen96

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