Street food Thursday at Markthalle Neun Berlin

Markthalle Neun: Street Food Thursdays

Markthalle Neun (Market Hall Nine) is the go-to place, year-round to sample small dishes of the best flavours from around the globe. Talk about having the world in the palm of your hand! Located in a market hall in Kreuzberg, the bustling spot is open Monday to Saturday with permanent shops and fresh produce markets. It’s most famous for its Street Food Nights on a Thursday, from 5pm to 10pm. 

The hall was first opened in 1891, one of 14 such markets, and managed to survive the bombings of WWII. Protected from the harsh Berlin cold by the high-ceilinged architecture, street vendors and food lovers can enjoy the atmosphere of a buzzing food festival with over head lights and quirky features. Despite décor such as a novel photobooth and an embellished tram sticking out of the wall, the main attraction is undoubtably the food.

From cannoli to dumplings, Portuguese pastries to artisan ice creams, the options are endless. A quick walk from the French crêpe truck where a charming man greets you with a ‘Bonjour’ to the next aisle where you are asked ‘¿Qué tal?’ by the guys at the taco stall, shows the beauty and multiculturalism celebrated and enjoyed here.

There’s almost too much to choose from, so a lap or two is not only advisable but necessary. Benches are set up around the place if you wish to enjoy your food in comfort, but when busy they can be hard to come by. Wine and beer bars are found on almost every corner. You could go for a quick bite to eat or spend the whole evening exploring the global gastro.

No matter what you’re craving or your dietary requirements, it’s impossible not to find something you’ll love.

Markthalle Neun can be found at Eisenbahnstraße 42/42 10997 Berlin,

Before heading down there, check out their calendar

This was an article by Lauren Dempsey @Lauwwen 96, as part of out January travel writing project.