One month in Berlin: lake schlachtensee


If you are lucky enough to be in Berlin longer than a few days and the sun is shining, a trip to Schlachtensee Lake in the south-west part of the city should be on your agenda. The forty-five minute journey on public transport from the city centre shouldn’t deter you. Once you leave the station, you walk down a few steps and find yourself lakeside. Take a right and walk through the winding forest path and, if there are any still free, there are enclaves that offer more privacy than the main swimming area. Continue until you reach a grassy bank where the majority of people lay about on their towels in the sun.

There is the odd bit of unsightly nudity from the locals, but other than that the view out onto the lake is stunning; the water is a cooling escape from the heat. When you’re ready, there is a café and restaurant overlooking the lake with plenty of cold beers to choose from. Big groups of locals have amassed by the early afternoon, clinking their glasses like long lost friends with smiles aplenty – ‘prost’ and ‘chin-chin’ echoing the cheer of the day. It makes for a great day out and it’s hard to believe this is so close to the centre of Berlin. If you want to avoid the crowds it is best to get there early – especially on the weekend – and a cheaper option for food and drinks can be found by the station.


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S Bahn Schlachtensee

Nearby: Sami’s Bistro, Krumme Lanke

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