Travel jwriting workshop in Berlin

Our Travel Writing Workshops

The students who join the summer internships at Treetop Travel Journalism have six hours per week in an interactive, collaborative setting with our writing expert. This is an opportunity to put forward thoughts, imaginations and concepts for how the final guide should look and read. The classes will provide all the necessary support to make sure everyone is on track, as well as offering one on one feedback about specific pieces of writing.

When creating a piece of work such as this as part of a team, it’s critical that everybody is aware of the theme, tone and target audience of the guide. This is a chance for the interns to have first hand experience of team work, and we encourage everyone to have their say during brainstorming sessions.

These workshops are also there for the students to get together and finalise the decisions on who will be reviewing which place. This is important as, obviously, no travel guide has space for duplicate reviews! Our expert will be on hand with creative writing tips and advice on how to keep the guide informative while reading in an appealing way.

The result of the travel writing courses should be greatly improved writing, team work skills, strategising and, hopefully, confidence building in a collaborative dynamic.

When should I apply for the summer internship?

We have limited spaces so the sooner you apply, the better. This way you are also more likely to be able to select the month(s) you wish to work with us.