Pool on Berlin river spree badeshiff


“Badeschiff” is a serious hot spot in Berlin during the summer months. It is a beach bar, right on the river Spree, with everything you need too enjoy a long, lazy day. The main attraction is the ultra cool swimming pool suspended on the river. To have a glistening light blue rectangle installed above the dark murky water is a total eye-catcher. The view from the pool in any direction is quite staggering and the vibe is perfect for a hot day. You’ll also see people paddle boarding, kayaking or making drunken progress in various nautical contraptions.

Cocktails and beers are served at reasonable prices throughout the day and bags are searched on entrance so bringing your own drinks isn’t really an option. A fantastic time to be there is during sunset, a dark red / purple gloam reflected in the water adds even more magic. This is the sort of place that, even if you are here for only a few days, you’ll probably want to visit more than once. The crowd is a mixture of locals and tourists – pretty much anyone who likes to kick back in the sunshine. One downside is that on weekends it gets ridiculously busy and queues can be round the block. Definitely advisable to go during the week or very early on a weekend.

Additional info

Eichenstraße 4, 12435 Berlin, Germany

S-Bahn Treptower Park; U-Bahn Schlesisches Tor

Nearby: “Club De Visionaire” (bar/club); “Freischwimmer” (canal side restaurant); endless nightclubs; also 5 minutes from Treptower Park

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