Seenland Oder-Spree: lakeside lounging
Seenland Oder Spree picnic season

In Germany’s largest aquatic area you can picnic on the water in summer and soak in the spa in winter The Seenland Oder-Spree is the largest aquatic area in Germany, with over 200 lakes and many rivers. It’s home to some of the standout names in Brandenburg country folklore – the Schlaubetal region, the Märkische […]

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Lausitzer Seenland: from coal to canoes
Lausitzer Seenland mines

A barren landscape becomes a world of water Lausitzer Seenland is a region in major transition. For around 150 years it was shaped by its mining and coal production, with large-scale excavations ravaging the local landscape. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find Europe’s largest artificial water territory has developed where mine pits once stood. […]

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Havelland’s starry nights
Night sky in Havelland in Brandenburg

This hiking and swimming hub gets even better after sunset  Havelland is an area known for its outdoor activities, lakes, parks, hiking routes and, of course, the eponymous Havel river, which has recently been restored as part of Europe’s largest river restoration project. However, our focus here will be on nocturnal matters in this region. […]

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Alexandrowka Haus 1 – Historical Russian tea house
Alexandrowka Haus 1

Alexandrowka Haus 1 Just a short tram ride from the central station in Potsdam, there’s a Russian colony that was built by Friedrich Wilhelm III in 1826 for the members of his all-Russian choir. The colony has a collection of imitation “Izba” houses (Slavic cottages) as well as a church, a museum and our destination: […]

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Eisenhüttenstadt: the flagship socialist city
Eisenhüttenstadt city Germany

Welcome to the largest monument in Germany – a sleepy city steeped in history. Founded in 1950, Eisenhüttenstadt is technically the newest city in Germany. It was known as Stalinstadt between 1953 and 1960, and was built to be a shining example of the socialist doctrine. Although the city resembled many of its Baroque predecessors, […]

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Stadtfarm – Lichtenberg’s inner city farm
Stadtfarm Berlin

Stadtfarm (city farm) is a wonderous addition to life in Lichtenberg. As you’re travelling from Herzbergstraße towards Marzahn, you’ll find yourself in a bastion of nature, resplendent with healthy, natural stuff – trees, grass, wildlife and fresh(er) air. It’s certainly a welcome and surprising change from the often bleak East Berlin surroundings. They raise farmyard […]

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Corona Pandemic: the UK Govt’s response
corona pandemic handling

Throughout the Corona pandemic, the UK government have perpetuated a state of fear and confusion among the populous so strong that many more people are starting to question their motives, as well as their capabilities. It’s worrying and laughable in almost equal measures. The actions taken by those in power seem regularly to contravene the […]

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Working from home during the pandemic
Working from home during the pandemic

Dreams come true, and thoughts materialise. Many times I imagined myself working from home happily, and here we go.  The self-isolation mode started almost exactly when I got my new job after five endless months of search. So, when I began working again, everything was new to me – the company, the industry, and the […]

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Coronavirus lockdown: Hiking in Berlin
Hiking during lockdown

On March 12th 2020 I had tickets to see a gig with friends in the evening, and no plan to change that. I even bought wine and snacks to have at my flat before heading to the concert together. Outside my flat, people had been buying toilet paper, pasta shelves were starting to look pretty […]

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Lockdown – just get through it?
Musical productivity during lockdown

I interview Poppy Roberts, producer, vocalist and DJ on her thoughts on creativity and productivity during lockdown. As the Conservative-dubbed lockdown rules to ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’ were clamped down on the UK, Covid-19 officially rid us of our daily routines, jobs and any chances of socialising for what was the foreseeable future. It was […]

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