Treetop Travel Journalism

The writing assignment

As we

kick off

our monthly magazine projects, one of the fundamental elements is mapping out the writing assignment for our students. At the end of our journalism course, we’ll have worked to together to create a travel guide to Berlin.

The students brainstorm with the project mentor to establish who will write about which sites around the city. The team usually consists of around 10 people, and we ask them to write 6-8 articles each throughout the month. In general we are very open with which places are reviewed for our magazine, but we usually ask each person to write an article on one of the quintessential Berlin landmarks Eg Brandenburg Gate / Checkpoint Charlie / East Side Gallery.

Our magazine reviews are usually between 200-300 words, and we also offer the writing interns the opportunity to write longer, feature length articles. The tone and style of the publication is always determined at the start of the publication in our writing workshops.

We have highly experienced freelance copy writers and journalists who the articles are sent to to meet the writing assignment deadlines. They then provide our students with invaluable one to one feedback, both by email and face to face. Once you’ve had your feedback and made any changes to your article, you’ll need to send it to one of the appointed team editors. Once the articles have had a final edit, they’ll be submitted to the design team, ready to be entered into the magazine.

Aside from the written content we also establish a few other elements to compliment your articles, such as wether we’ll include details of how to get there, links to the sites website / socials etc. These need to be added to all article submissions so our magazine is consistent.

Once all the articles are submitted, and the design team have finished putting together the magazine, we publish it online and make a printed copy for all the team members! This is a great way to get started with, or add to, your creative portfolio, and can be used to impress prospective employers.

A copy of one of our previous publications

Your creative portfolio! This year we are hosting all our workshops at tuesday coworking, a leafy office space in West Berlin

Any questions please let us know!

Thanks so much for reading and we hope to see you on our upcoming projects!