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Feedback on written work

As our travel-based


project progresses, we provide our students with regular feedback on their written work. After each deadline our specialist copywriter will read through your articles and provide either a written or face to face report.

Commentary on the work has a double purpose. Firstly, it helps to have some supportive and constructive criticism on almost any piece of writing, as well as to tighten up the grammar and the composition. Secondly, with the magazine firmly in mind, our mentors will make sure the articles hit the brief and speak to the target audience. Once we set the parameters it’s important that every project member adheres to them to maintain a smooth narrative and flow for the magazine.

Usually the first piece of feedback we provide for your written work comes after you’ve submitted the first magazine article, and we provide this commentary by email within a few days. We’ll be checking for style, tone, grammar and punctuation, as well as providing some tips when it comes to writing travel magazine reviews and cultural / historical articles.

The second feedback will be face to face and comes after four articles have been submitted. This gives our writing mentor the opportunity to familiarise themselves with your work before meeting you. These one on one sessions are a valuable way to gain some insight into which areas of your writing could be improved, as well as which parts are strong and should be maintained. It’s also a chance to ask some vastly experienced writers / journalists about their own careers, both with big organisations and as freelancers.

The final written feedback comes the week before the deadline for all your articles, and is a last chance to edit them to a really high standard before the publication of the magazine.

Our writing mentors are all based in Berlin and have many years of experience in copywriting, magazine writing, editing and journalism.

You can have a read through on of our previous magazines here

Your creative portfolio! This year we are hosting all our workshops at tuesday coworking, a leafy office space in West Berlin

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Thanks so much for reading and we hope to see you on our upcoming projects!