Editing the magazine

At the start our writing project we establish tasks for the team members, and one of the key decisions is who’ll be editing the magazine. This is usually a small sub-team of 2-3 people, to whom the travel articles are submitted as the writing programme progresses.

We work together to choose a target audience and tone of voice for the magazine, and our editing team are there to ensure that the articles reflect this. While we always promote innovative concepts for our magazines, we still need the articles to show some consistency and natural flow.

The first week is crucial, as the team finalises the structure and necessary elements of the articles EG the word count / whether the writing be first or third person etc. Those editing the magazine are there to maintain the specifics chosen for each monthly magazine project.

By joining the editing team, you’ll be at the core of the publication, and you’ll have eyes on many of your fellow team members’ pieces of work. The role is there to iron out any grammatical mistakes or misplaced punctuation, as well as making sure the articles are written in the right style.

You’ll edit an article and send it back to the author for final approval, so it’s normally best not to make too many changes! A soft edit that does not dampen your fellow writer’s voice is the ideal way to do it.

For our monthly magazine projects our writing students pen 8 reviews each, but if you choose to be on the editing team you may write one or two less if the workload is too much. The same applies for the team members who choose to join the graphic design sub-team, or become the photo manager.

Our writing programme is back open in full in Berlin in 2022! Please write to us at info@treetoptraveljournalism for all the details!

The magazine projects are based in West Berlin, in the leafy offices of tuesday coworking:

Our offices for our writing workshops

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