Burgermeister burger restaurant review in Berlin

Since opening in 2006, Burgermeister has established itself as the most famous burger joint in Berlin, and a main stay of the food scene in general. It’s up there at the top of the culinary bucket lists of almost every visitor to the city, along with Curry 36 and Mustafa’s kebab. The original branch is […]

Intro to podcasting course

Our podcasting course in Berlin

`In August 2023 our journalism project members took part in an intro to podcasting class in Berlin. With our fantastic host Benjamin, we theorised and explored the meaning and importance of storytelling, practised some interviewing techniques and were introduced to the podcast editing software Hindenburg systems.  The class was hosted by the Berlin School of […]

Garten der Welt

Garten der welt is a collection of international gardens in Berlin Lichtenberg

Garten Der Welt is a curious collection of global gardens in East Berlin. The site can be reached from a few different entrances, the slickest of these being via cable car. The original installation was the Chinese garden, with pagodas littered across large ponds adorned with lily pads. They’ve subsequently added 10 sprawling landscapes, the […]

Transformusic project

Transformusic are a Berlin based duo who perform spiritually healing music

The collaboration between ChrisTala (Germany) and Ayam (Israel) has evolved into a mission to work with the power of ‘MaMa Musica’ as a tool to awaken and expand human consciousness. For 4 years now they have written, composed and co-produced a groovy blend of ethnicities and flavours, held space for sacred ceremonies, produced events, and […]

Thai Park Berlin

Thai park is a Thai food festival that happens in Berlin every weekend

Thai park has been a thing in Berlin since 1995, when members of the Thai and other Asian communities would congregate in Preußen Park in Wilmersdorf. They’d transport themselves to their homelands; sitting under umbrellas, telling stories and cooking their traditional cuisines. As the decades went by, word spread fast and the park soon filled […]

Dating in Berlin, Tales of Modern Love & Relationships

Dating in Berlin book cover by Lulu Johnson

Dating in Berlin, Tales of Modern Love & Relationships a book by Lulu Johnson Berlin is a bustling city steeped in culture, clubs and single people. The dating scene is like no other. A transient, sexed-up city, where settling down isn’t on the top of everyone’s list, which makes finding something long-term quite challenging. Lots […]

Allora and Calzadilla at the Neue Nationalgalerie

A performance at the Neue nationalgalerie in Berlin

Stop, Repair, Prepare By Agustina Bullrich As autumn starts to peel the outside world, Allora and Calzadilla’s performance at the Neue Nationalgalerie offers the opposite movement. Once you access the huge lobby, you can see it on the other end. It’s a C. Bechstein three legged piano with a large hole in its case and […]

Café Botanico

An experiment in sustainable gastronomy by Agustina Bullrich Inside a round leaf, twelve rolling letters spell the words Café Botanico. The logo and sign at the entrance are the perfect visual synthesis for what you’ll find in this restaurant three steps down the ground level, a mix of coziness, freshness and an experimental spirit. Located […]

Empanadas in Berlin: La Pica de Deli Mel

Empanadas in Berlin Lichtenberg at La Pica

By R. Bukovska Alt-Hohenschönhausen is maybe best known as the home of the former Stasi detention center, a soulless reminder of the consequences of disobedience to the East German regime. This part of Lichtenberg has never really been considered somewhere worth travelling to, with Berliners finding the time better spent in their more fashionable Kieze… […]

Prager Frühling – Pankow’s Czech bar

A photo of the interior of Prager Fruhling, Berlin's Czech bar in Pankow

By R. Bukovska A Czech man moved to Berlin and, much to his dismay, couldn’t find beer that matched his standards. Instead of complaining, he decided to do something about it. He opened  his own traditional Czech Hospoda: Prager Frühling 1968 – Pivnice in the district of Pankow. Luděk Pachl’s concept is simple. It’s about […]