The U bahn in Berlin in the sun

Creative writing workshops in Berlin

Berlin is a fantastic city to head to for our travel writing workshops – it is an endlessly explorable place – museums and galleries; restaurants, cafes and infamous nightclubs; beautiful green spaces and clear water lakes. It is a 24 hour city in the truest sense, and the creative flair that it’s famed is still evident in all corners. It is refreshingly simple to navigate and many people speak English, so our students need not be daunted if they’ve never spoken a word of German.

It is an action packed place and, no matter what they wish to review, the students will find a limitless supply of places to keep them happy. Berlin is known to be an industrial city, and what shocks many people is just how much fun there is to be in the nature in the summer months. Fast forward to winter and the magical winter markets open, where mulled wine and good vibes keep everyone warm.

Our travel journalism course is a perfect way to get an in depth understanding of one of the world’s most intriguing cities.

Our summer projects run July, August and September 2019

Our winter project runs December 2019

Prices (Summer)    

1 Month – €1299

  • Guidance in creating a collaborative travel journalism guide
  • German language classes
  • Tours of the city

2 Months – €2299   

  • Guidance in creating a collaborative travel writing guide
  • 1 on 1 tuition in the 2nd month on a personal blog
  • German language classes
  • City Tours
  • Alternative tours in the 2nd month

Price (Winter)

3 Weeks – €1099

  • Writing workshops
  • Interactive German classes
  • Customised tours of the city


Accommodation in Berlin

There are a wide range of options for arranging accommodation during your stay on Berlin and the staff at Treetop can help with any queries or concerns you may have.

We are partnered with Medici Living and highly recommend them for our students. They offer easily bookable and affordable, fully furnished apartments for students and young professionals:


William Barber

William is the founder of Treetop Travel Journalism, a project which involves creative writing workshops, exploring cities, and collaborating with new people to make travel guides. William has a background in copywriting, marketing and tourism.