The U bahn in Berlin in the sun
Berlin’s Oberbaumbrücke in Friedrichshain

Berlin is a city full of creative zest and inspiration. It is a treasure chest for those interested in history, culture and the arts. It’s a place of burgeoning ideas, and as such provides a perfect landscape for our progammes. Our students are tasked with researching, experiencing and reviewing sites around the city, as well as heading off to conduct interviews, meet local people, mingle with journalistic types and get to the heart of current affairs. Berlin is ideally suited to this as it’s really easy to get by with English, such is the cosmopolitan blend of international people that now live here.

In the summer, it blossoms into a city full of colourful outdoor opportunites, with fresh water lakes, parks, festivals and street parties. The winter sees magical Christmas markets, ice-skating and warm pubs and bars full of patrons escaping the cold. Whichever season you join us in, the intruige and ambience of the city is truly irresistible.

Our travel journalism course is a perfect way to get an in depth understanding of one of the world’s most intriguing cities.

Our summer projects run July, August and September 2019

Our winter project runs December 2019

Follow this link to get to our contact page where you can apply to our travel writing internships


1 Month

  • Guidance in creating a collaborative travel journalism guide
  • German language classes
  • Tours of the city

2 Months

  • Guidance in creating a collaborative travel writing guide
  • 1 on 1 tuition in the 2nd month on a personal blog
  • German language classes
  • City Tours
  • Alternative tours in the 2nd month


3 Weeks

  • Writing workshops
  • Interactive German classes
  • Customised tours of the city

Our projects now take place in our coworking space in West Berlin

Accommodation in Berlin

There are a wide range of options for arranging accommodation during your stay in Berlin and we can help find the right place for you.

We are partnered with Medici Living and highly recommend them for our students. They offer easily bookable and affordable, fully furnished apartments for students and young professionals:

Contact page link to apply for our travel journalism internships