Our top 3 travel writing tips
Feedback on your written work

1st travel writing tip – inform the reader! If you miss the crucial step of informing the reader of such details as price, location and opening times, and focus solely on your personal experiences, you’ve drifted away from travel writing and entered the realm of memoirs. 2nd travel writing tip – immerse your audience! Travel […]

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Our coworking space – tuesday coworking
Our offices for our writing workshops

As of June 2019 our travel writing workshops are taking part in West Berlin, at a coworking space in the district of Shöneberg. The modern, leafy office and close-knit, international community provide us with that little bit of extra inspiration. The others working around us have a wide range of their own creative projects, with […]

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Bei Schlawinchen: a treetop review
Berliner bar Bei Schlawinchen

“Bei Schlawinchen”, a review: Antiques; oddballs; sherbet vodka Berlin has a mightily strong dive-bar scene, and the district of Kreuzberg boasts over thirty (that we know of) by itself. Rumour has it that the bar in question, “Bei Schlawinchen”, has never closed in thirty years! I dread to think about the place’s hygiene… The bar’s […]

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Plötzensee Lake: A Treetop Review
Plötzensee lake Berlin

Plötzensee, a review: Frogs; a naked man; miscreants After twenty minutes walk from the gritty heart of Berlin’s district of Wedding, I found lake Plötzensee. This ostensibly tranquil, overgrown pond takes about thirty minutes to circumnavigate by foot. Sitting down on a bench about halfway round I was ready to label it idyllic; the most […]

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