Treetop travel journalism was an amazing experience! It gives you the opportunity to discover the city and present your ideas in creative ways. Will was incredible! First of all he creates a safe environment for creativity and expression. Any concept that one thinks about, he has a positive attitude and finds ways to accomplish it. (Very helpful for introverts and people who are scared to share their ideas) Also it was a pleasure to work with such a nice team. The magazine’s diversity came from the fact that, everyone could explore aspects of the city that they were fascinated about. Thus, instead of creating a typical travel guide, the contribution that each made, resulted in an exciting magazine.

Another important factor that made this month very fun was the learning process. I didn’t know about magazine design or travel writing, and I learnt both of them in one month. Ljuba was very kind and patient to show us how InDesign works. She introduced us to the program and also gave us constructive criticism, in order to improve aesthetically and technically our designs.

In addition, even though i didn’t expect it, i really liked the graffiti workshop! As a person who is terrible at drawing and very clumsy, as soon as i heard that we had to do our own graffiti painting, i felt anxious. However, the artists were willing to guide and help me to execute what i had in my mind. Both of them literally taught me in 4 hours ,how i can bring to life my idea. The final painting exceeded my expectations a lot and it was definitely my favourite day from the month.

Finally i would like to say that i am very thankful for being part of this project and for everyone who was involved in it. If you want to learn about Berlin, magazine design and travel writing, treetop travel journalism is the perfect place for you!