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Journalism courses in Berlin

Find your storytelling voice in Berlin 

Landing a role as a writer / editor / journalist proves very difficult without being able to demonstrate either some prior working experience or a portfolio of some kind.

The job market is beyond saturated. Surge ahead of your peers in 1 month and become a published writer.

Join our magazine creation projects in Berlin. Write, edit and photograph the city to hone artistic disciplines that will serve you for life. Leave our programme with published work, a printed copy of your magazine and one foot in the proverbial door.

Have you ever wondered…

 If you’re a student coming towards the end of university you can probably relate to the headache of wondering what comes next. Around 200,000 humanities students grafuate from UK universities alone each year. Many will be vying for the same creative jobs as hundreds of applications for the same positions flood the market.

Our 1 month programmes are the perfect remedy. Come to Berlin, join our magazine creation projects and gain invaluable hands-on experience in writing, editing, photography and graphic design. Leave with published work and a printed copy of your magazine, perfect for launching your creative / journalistic career.  

one of our writing workshops in Berlin
Writing workshops

2020 Lux Magazine’s Award Winner – ‘Travel Writing Workshops Germany’
2021 German Business Award Winner – ‘Best Journalism Training Provider’ 

Some of our previous magazines:

Our autumn and winter magazine in Berlin

Our January 2020 made by a team fo six in Berlin

A student made travel guide to Berlin

Whats’s included in the project?

Create a travel magazine

Feedback sessions with experienced journalists

Intro to podcasting

Trip to local radio station

Graphic design workshops

A published / printed copy of the team’s magazine

German language classes

Custom tours of Berlin

Local street art workshop

Pick up at the airport

Monthly ticket for all of Berlin’s public transport

How does this benefit me?

Develop writing / editing / publishing skills

Find / enhance your writing style

Establish your voice

Discover an alternative journalistic medium

Practise magazine layout with Indesign

Perfect for creative CVs and portfolios

Enrich your experience in Berlin

See the city in a unique and curated way

Make your own artwork

We’ll drop you at your accommodation on day 1

You’ll be ready to go as you step off the plane

our normal one month price

1499 EUROS

our current one month price

1049 EUROS

We have space in our August project to stay in some apartments connected to a local art project, this will be a really exciting opportunity to get involved in some authentic workshops / exhibitions. 

One of our flats for August 2023 project


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