Treetop Travel Journalism

Graphic design workshops

Our monthly magazine

projects feature weekly graphic design workshops. As our students accumulate the content for the publication, we start to build the design of the magazine from the first week. Our design classes are hosted by a fully certified Adobe Suite professional, who can guide our project members through the ups and downs of designing a digital and print magazine from scratch.

We use a shared student account for each project, so you’ll have access to all the design tools you’ll need, cloud based on your laptop.

At the beginning of our programme, one of the first assignments is to choose which of our students will make up the design team (usually 2-3 people). They take on quite a lot of extra work and responsibility, but will quickly develop a lot of key design skills and be credited in the magazine as having contributed to that side of the project.

We typically use Adobe Indesign to create our magazines, as well as using Photoshop and Illustrator to add some innovative, unique elements to the final product. Our graphic design workshops are there to help our project members bring the magazine to life, by giving everyone a chance to contribute and express their artistic vision.

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