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This is Treetop Travel Journalism’s blog – ‘The Canopies’. It is a place for our customers and followers to gain a more in depth understanding of what we are trying to achieve as a company. Additionally we will canvas cities looking for great spots to write about and capture on camera, as well as publishing featured articles about travel journalism and related topics.


At the core of the company, at its very soul, is a yearning to promote creativity. We have no doubt that the satisfaction at seeing an artistic vision materialise can be so intense and magical that it belongs as one of the cornerstones to happiness and fulfillment. It would, no doubt, be a bold claim to state that anyone who joins our projects will have some sort of creative epiphany. Rather, what we aim to do is illicit a spark, pointing people to the path which brings something invigorating in later life, rather than an undertaking that’s merely palatable.

In terms of something tangible that our interns take away after our creative writing programmes, each of them leaves with a collaborative portfolio, in the shape of creative travel writing blog. This will display writing skills, photography skills, design skills and journalistic ambition, as well as showing the drive and impetus to do something different during a gap year, university summer or as a post-graduate. In densely crowded job markets, having a link to a beautiful piece of creative work, made in a foreign city, absolutely helps you to stand out from your peers. We also provide references if any prospective employers wish to contacts us.

Summer 2019 sees our first creative writing project in Berlin, and we invite anyone with any questions to get in touch with us at

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