Travel jwriting workshop in Berlin

The main goal of our writing workshops is to assist our students in creating a compelling travel guide to destination cities. The classes are overseen by our writing expert, who is on hand to provide feedback and advice in a supportive and collaborative role, ensuring that everybody contributes and is heard, while also making sure there is focus on the finished product.

The guide is made up of reviews of places in the city – cultural and historical points of interest; restaurants and nightlife; outdoors and nature. The students are also tasked with producing some feature length articles on the destination city’s history, culture and/or current affairs, by heading out to conduct research and interviews.

Our classes are 90 minutes long and run three times per week. They are a place for planning the guide, throwing out creative ideas, focussing on writing ability and developing the knack of talking to a specific target audience.

Our first guide, July 2019, has been a guide to five neighbourhoods of Berlin, featuring niche cafes, bars, lakes, museums, exhibitions and restaurants, aimed at young travelers.

We are open to having the guide be on any number of topics – perhaps Berlin’s blues bars fascinate you, or you’re truly an outdoors person and want to write about all things ‘open air’. During the early stages of our travel writing workshops, we’ll work as a team to pick a theme that works for all the students.

Once the students on our programme submit the final piece of work to the project supervisor, the work will be published and issued with its own unique ISBN number!


‘I fell in love with the city largely because of your input and tips and I’m so grateful for the experience.’

July 2019 project member Shanti Carey

Further details on the travel writing course

Our summer courses and our winter courses are now open in Berlin.

More info on the finished travel guide can be found here.

Our travel journalism classes now take place at the beautiful ‘tuesday coworking’ space in West Berlin.

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