Stadtfarm Berlin

Stadtfarm (city farm) is a wonderous addition to life in Lichtenberg. As you’re travelling from Herzbergstraße towards Marzahn, you’ll find yourself in a bastion of nature, resplendent with healthy, natural stuff – trees, grass, wildlife and fresh(er) air. It’s certainly a welcome and surprising change from the often bleak East Berlin surroundings.

They raise farmyard animals, grow fresh produce and even boast their own natural aquarium, which yields fresh catfish, traced back to Africa but raised in Berlin. On the weekends they host market days, when you can browse all their organics offerings. All week round you’ll find the sheep and cows grazing happily, which works wonders for me therapeutically in what is an unapologetically concrete surrounding area.

Stadtfarm also offers their own ready-made veggie and fish boxes. These can be picked up in person, or you can have them delivered. They are quitre pricey, ranging from 25-100 Euros per box. The cheapest one is said to be enough for two people for a week, the more expensive will cater for four people for the week. You cannot deny the gulf in quality between the vegetables you’ll find here and even the Bio / organic sections of Berlin’s top-quality supermarkets. Even the humble potato from Statdfarm has a uniquely fresh quality character. The fish is pretty much unrivalled in quality – it lives there and has next to no travel time between farm and plate.

This is also an excellent spot to go for a run in truly scenic environs.

Stadtfarm will soon be announcing a new site in the Rummelsburg Kiez in the South of Lichtenberg.

This article was written by Lichtenberg resident Chiara Colombo

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