Post-graduate Journalism Internships

Why take a work / study placement after university?

Upon completion of university studies, it is often time to think of the next step, however, entering the sector that really suits you can be tricky, as more and more people are educated at university level. Taking an internship, in the field that you wish to work in, is a great way to take a step forward, display initiative, gain work experience, and show potential employers that you bring both qualifications and workplace insights. We run 1 and 2 month creative writing projects in foreign destinations, during which our interns work with our travel journalism team to create a collaborative portfolio, in the form of a guide to the city.

Why join our monthly travel journalism projects?

Our journalistic writing projects offer our working students first hand experience collaborating as part of an international team. We help to improve their creative writing, expound ideas and make sure our interns flourish. We also run language classes and have partnered with some great local companies to conduct our city tours. Those who join our project will, therefore, have honed their written ability, developed a new language and discovered a city in depth. We offer a truly memorable mix of practical work, exploration and self-development, as well as a published and printed magazine to kick-start your journalism portfolio to accompany a CV for any future job applications.

This Spring and Summer, 2022, our project will run in Berlin.

Please write to us for our information back at for all the info on our Post-graduate Journalism Internships!

Our programme will take place in West Berlin at tuesday coworking, a leafy space, conducive to creative projects.

Our offices for our writing workshops