Our students work together to write a travel guide

1st travel writing tip – inform the reader!

If you miss the crucial step of informing the reader of such details as price, location and opening times, and focus solely on your personal experiences, you’ve drifted away from travel writing and entered the realm of memoirs.

2nd travel writing tip – immerse your audience!

Travel writing should be immersive – it’s your job to captivate your audience by trying to recreate what your travel destination was like. Documenting what you saw is often not enough – great travel writing should appeal to multiple senses.

3rd travel writing tip – don’t force it!

It can happen quite regularly, you head off to review a place and leave without much to say. Either the place isn’t worth mentioning or you simply visited at the wrong time. If you try to force an article out of a non-event, this will invariably come through in your writing.

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