Magazine design: photo management

As part of our monthly magazine design projects in Berlin, we need a team member to be in charge of photo management. This is a key role, as the photography used in the publication can be decisive when it comes to the look, feel and mood of the magazine.

We ask all the team members on our journalism course to take pictures of the sites they visit, so that one or two photos can accompany their written work in the travel guide. The best 3-4 photos of each place visited should then be sent to the photo manager, who ultimately decides which photos will be used in the travel magazine.

The best photos will then be passed on to the graphic design team, who will arrange them accordingly in the magazine along with the final articles. Of course the photo manager can collaborate with the design team, to make sure the photos selected fit the style of the magazine. At the start of our projects, we sit as a whole team and decide details on the form of the magazine, so any photos that don’t fit the concept can be filtered out. For example just having one photo in black and white might not be a good fit!

Each team member is usually asked to write 8 articles for the magazine, but if you choose to be the photo manager you have the option to write one less article if the workload is too much.

Our other sub teams are the graphic design team and editing team.

Alongside our magazine projects, we are also running unique graffiti workshops and Turkish / German language development classes.

You can have a read through one of our previous magazines here:

January 2020 Magazine cover

Our 2022 study / working projects are being held in tuesday coworking, a leafy office space in West Berlin:

Our offices for our writing workshops

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