What to do with an English degree

what to do after graduation in english

Ever wondered what to do with an English degree? We have 5 tips to point you in the right direction: 1. Journalism There are many different forms of journalism you could explore as a career with an English degree. Whether it’s mass communication of important news stories, niche columns in a burgeoning magazine or interviews […]

Sustainable tourism: how we’ll do our part

Sustainable tourism, our efforts

Sustainable tourism is a hot topic within the tour and travel industries at the moment. I have attended multiple industry networking events and expositions in the past year, and it’s clear that sustainability within this sector is something we all need to take seriously. The time has come for us to see how we can […]

Our coworking space – tuesday coworking

Our offices for our writing workshops

As of June 2019 our travel writing workshops are taking part in West Berlin, at a coworking space in the district of Schöneberg. The modern, leafy office and close-knit, international community provide us with that little bit of extra inspiration. The others working around us have a wide range of their own creative projects, with […]

Write a travel guide with us

Feedback on your written work

What’s in the finished guide? Our travel writing courses culminate in a beautifully finished product – we work together with our project members to write a travel guide to a foreign city. Each student is required to write 10 reviews of sites in the city, each of around 300 words. These reviews can cover anything […]

Creative Writing internships in Europe

Journalism projects in Berlin

Why sign up for creative writing internships in Europe this summer? For those budding creative writers, journalists and travel diarists, an adventure to Europe for a summer internship could be the perfect way to broaden your outlook, absorb cosmopolitan culture and hone your literary skills. Europe offers such a blend of diversity and is historically […]

Internships abroad?

A Travel writer works on their laptop on a plane

Why should I take an internship abroad? Internships are a great stepping stone in between school / university and the workplace. It is a chance to gain some practical work experience in a field that is of real interest to you. Gap year breaks, university summers and just after graduation are often times that people […]

Our Travel Writing Workshops

Travel jwriting workshop in Berlin

The students who join the summer internships at Treetop Travel Journalism have six hours per week in an interactive, collaborative setting with our writing expert. This is an opportunity to put forward thoughts, imaginations and concepts for how the final guide should look and read. The classes will provide all the necessary support to make […]

Gap Year Programmes

Gap year students

Gap years should be productive, yes. But they also deserve to be amazing, once in a lifetime experiences. You have a year to fill with whatever you choose – travelling being the most common option. This school – university gap is an often under-utilised opportunity to improve your core skill set and do something that […]