Treetop Travel Journalism provides, primarily, creative writing workshops, as well as insights into the world of travel blogging. Students arrive in a new city and, together with our writing, photography and blog layout experts, they create a unique piece of collaborative work. This is educationally beneficial, but also useful in a practical sense – a professional portfolio has been created to showcase to future employers, who are also looking for those with work experience.

We also offer language classes so that our journalists are better equipped to navigate the city and enjoy it for all it has to offer. If there are some amongst the group who are already advanced then we will make sure to find them the appropriate level of tuition.

One day a week will be for the students and teachers to go together for a tour of the city. This could be to visit something culturally interesting or a place of historical importance. These trips will be tailored to fit our students’ needs, as we try to get an idea of what they want from their experience before they arrive.

We will correspond with each of our travel journalism interns to find out when they land in the city and organise a pick up for them from the airport. We then take them to their accommodation, make sure they’re settled in properly and help with any logistical questions they may have. We always operate in cities that are easy to navigate and will be on hand to help when needed.

There will be a welcome meal and team introduction once everyone has arrived, and then it will be straight into the creative writing that we love. Each student will be able to pick a photo from their trip and have it professionally edited in a studio. We also give prizes for the best piece of written and photographical work.

We aim to create a network of travel journalists, so those who have been on our writing course and city projects can keep in touch with us and others who’ve joined our programme. This will be a great way to keep the creativity going and exchange bright new ideas.

What We Offer

Travel Writing Workshops –  To guide the students with their reviews of the city.

Language Courses – Interactive tuition in the local language.

City Tours – Excursions to the city’s most interesting and important sites.

Contact us for more info or to register your interest.