Treetop Travel Journalism runs 3-4 week programmes that include Writing Workshops, Language Development Classes and City Tours. We work with young internationals – those on gap-years, enrolled students, post-graduates, or anyone looking to further or change their career path. We work collaboratively with our writing interns to create travel guides to foreign cities. The project comes together to combine work, studying and travel.

Why Join our Programmes?

Whether you’re on a gap-year or university break, recently graduated or looking for a new career path, you can benefit massively from joining one of our work / study programmes. Tangibly, those on our courses will leave with a piece of work they can be proud of – ideal for their writing portfolios, or to make a great impression on future prospective employers. There is much more to it than this, though, as our summer/winter intake get a chance to broaden their horizons, develop a new language, network with like-minded people, learn about a city’s history and culture and have an unforgettable experience in the process.

What’s in our finished travel guides?

Each student is required to write 10 reviews of sites in the city, each of around 300 words. These reviews can cover anything from historical / cultural landmarks, restaurant reviews, or insight into the outdoors and nature. The make up of the guide will take shape during the planning stages in our writing workshops, where the students can decide on a theme and target audience.

The travel writing interns are also tasked with writing one feature length piece of 1500 words. This can be grounded in history, culture, modern Berliner lifestyle or anything the student deems important. It’s also required to investigate the topic thoroughly, whether that be through conducting interviews, meeting locals or visiting lots of places that give you a well thought out journalistic piece.

All written work needs to also be accompanied by at least one photo.

What We Offer

Travel Writing Workshops –  To guide the students with their reviews of the city.

Language Courses – Interactive tuition in the local language.

City Tours – Excursions to the city’s most interesting and important sites.

Museum and gallery visits

Pick up from the airport on arrival day

A welcome meal

Care and attention to each and every treasured member of the team

Contact page link to apply for our travel journalism internships