Treetop Travel Journalism Writing Workshops

Our travel writing courses culminate in a beautifully finished product – a travel guide to a city (this summer our project is in Berlin).

Each student is required to write 10 reviews of sites in the city, each of around 300 words. These reviews can cover anything from historical / cultural landmarks, restaurant reviews, or insight into the outdoors and nature. The make up of the guide will take shape during the planning stages in our writing workshops, where the students can decide on a theme and target audience.

The students are also tasked with writing one feature length piece of 1500 words. This can be grounded in history, culture, modern Berliner lifestyle or anything the student deems important. It’s also required to investigate the topic thoroughly, whether that be through conducting interviews, meeting locals or visiting lots of places that give you a well thought out journalistic piece.

Each review / article needs to also be accompanied by at least one photo. Our design expert works with the students to make sure the finished product looks great as well being written to a high standard.

Applications for the summer and winter projects are now open – for more info and any questions please contact us at info@treetoptraveljournalism, or through our contact page.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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