Sunday Ksroake at Mauer park

Mauerpark is a crazy place in the summer, especially on Sundays. Every week there is a festival atmosphere , featuring a flea market and food stalls; live music and dancing; barbecues and cheap beers. In the afternoon there’s the ‘bear pit karaoke’ at which hundreds of people sit in a Roman-style amphitheater to watch aspiring artists and hilarious jokers take to the stage to belt out their tune of choice. It has become something of an institution in Berlin and is a must for any visitors. The party vibe lives long into the night here – with the heavy red sunsets and hedonistic merriment, it can often be a day you don’t want to end. The area surrounding the park is bustling with restaurants and bars. The name ‘Mauerpark’ translates to ‘Wall park’, the wall running through it was part of the Berlin wall and its death strip, meaning you’ll also be visiting a site of historical importance.

Tram M10; Ubahn Eberswalder Strasse

Nearby: KulturBrauerei

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