Travel writing workshops at our coworking space

Why head to Europe for a creative writing summer internship?

For those budding creative writers, journalists and travel diarists, an adventure to Europe for a summer internship could be the perfect way to broaden your outlook, absorb cosmopolitan culture and hone your literary skills. Europe offers such a blend of diversity and is historically fascinating while maintaining and developing its artistic vibrancy. A travel writing internship abroad is a unique and insightful way to explore, and Europe is a destination that offers the perfect opportunity.

Summer 2019 creative writing internship with Treetop Travel Journalism

Our creative writing internships take place this summer 2019 in Berlin. We combine travel writing workshops with our writing expert, German language classes, tours of city and guidance from a professional photographer to offer a journalism internship in of Europe’s most intriguing and expressive cities. Treetop Travel Journalism is all about diversity of people, thoughts and cultures, so global students would be more than welcome!

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