Berlin's Weisser see Lake

Berlin is a fantastic city to head to for a summer travel writing programme – it has it all – museums and galleries; bars, restaurants and world renowned nightclubs; beautiful green spaces and clear water lakes. It truly is a 24 hour city and the creative zest that it’s famed for still runs through its veins. It has the benefit of being very simple to navigate and many people are speaking English so the students need not be daunted if they’ve never spoken a word of German.

It is an action packed place and, no matter what they wish to review, the students will find a plethora of places to keep them happy. Berlin has a reputation as being an industrial city, and what surprises many people is just how many outdoor activities there are in the summer months. Our travel journalism course is a perfect way to get an in depth understanding of one of the world’s most intriguing cities.

Our courses run on a monthly basis, in the summer of 2019 we are open July, August and September

JULY: Monday 1st – Friday 26th

AUGUST: Monday 5th – Friday 30th

SEPTEMBER: Monday 2nd – Friday 27th

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